Restore upholstered furniture to new elegance to match a new decor theme or repair damaged upholstery.  Expert craftsmanship with fabric and leather upholstery means that furniture will look better than new. 
  • Choose from over 10,000 fabric samples
  • Leather upholstery repair, cleaning and dying
  • Stain resistant fabric treatment

JC Wood has sources for thousands of fabrics that can be viewed online. Ask for our help in selecting fabric for your next project.

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13 Steps to Achieve
"The Best" Furniture Upholstery

Upholstery base price includes:

  1. Initial inspection.
  2. Remove all nails and tacks.
  3. Remove all fabrics.
  4. Open all seams and check all joints .
  5. Layout new fabric and check for flaws.
  6. Cut fabric.
  7. Frame, webbing, and spring inspection (repairs are extra).
  8. Inspect foam, down and batting. (If needed, replacement is extra.)
  9. Sew seams on new fabric.
  10. Replace dacron wrap.
  11. Install new fabric.
  12. Attach welding or gimping (material extra).
  13. Steam fabric to remove wrinkles and set folds.