Antique restoration services

refurbish antique furniture chicago

refinish antique wooden furniture, repair antique wooden furniture
  • Restoration, refurbishing, repair, refinishing
  • Hand stripping
  • Wood cleaning and polishing
  • Touch ups
  • Rushing and caning
  • Laminating
  • Veneering
  • Hand carving for replacement

Our Antique Furniture Repair and Restoration Philosophy

For most antique furniture collectors, the desire to utilize their furniture while protecting and preserving the historical value presents a dilemma. The two objectives are conflicting, however JC Wood's expert technicians always recommend the option that will maintain and improve the value of your furniture. When making repair and restoration recommendations, your needs and desire concerning how you wish to use your furniture are important.

Structural Repairs

Proper repairs to antique furniture should be inconspicuous. In most cases hot or liquid hide glue is preferred over modern commercial products for adhering loose fragments and veneer. The use of metal attachments such as screws and mending plates should be avoided. They can cause cracking by constricting the movement of the wood. JC Wood is careful to use materials similar to what was used when the piece was originally manufactured.


Antique furniture collectors should consider maintaining the original finishes on their furniture and antiques whenever possible. Original finishes are considered part of the historical value of an antique and preferred over refinished, or restored antiques. However, in cases where there has been water, fire or moving damage, refinishing may be required to improve the value of your furniture. JC Wood's experienced technicians will evaluate the condition of the finish and recommend the best alternative.

Record of Repair

JC Wood can provide a written record of any repair or restoration performed on your antique furniture upon request.