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Amazing Wood Furniture Restoration - Before And After Images

Posted by Jody Raines

In the Chicago area, JC Wood is known for furniture restoration and refurbishing wood.  Many of the results are dramatic and our before and after images of restored furniture are one of the best ways to understand the resilience and natural beauty if wood once it's been restored.  Here are a couple of examples that demonstrate the skills and talents of JC Woods professional artisans.

Restored Wooden Table Looks Like New

Before and after can show marked contrast to furniture when thewood furniture restoration before, worn and moldy table before restoration customer realizes how dramatic the results can be. Some examples we'd like to share include this table, where the top of the table is marred and damaged from mold, water and neglect.  

refinished wood table

Even though the patina is damaged and the luster is missing, our restoration process makes the finish look like new.  It is possible to repair wooden furniture, then give it an entirely new finish.

Our expert and professional wood furniture repair specialists were able to recover the original luster and warm wood finish, restoring the wooden table to a like-new condition.  The table now has new life and the old world craftsmanship will be a work of beauty for generations to share. 

Heirloom Vanity Restoration To New Life

Another dramatic example of the magic that JC Wood brings towooden vanity broken before picture restore wooden furniture can be seen in these before and after pictures of an heirloom vanity table.  The pictures depict the before condition, with broken and damaged frame.  This beautiful piece of craftsmanship was in disrepair and unusable. 

vanity restoration after pictureAfter pictures show the magnificent wood luster restored, the framework rebuilt and the vanity restored to a grand and elegant beauty.  There is no doubt that this graceful heirloom vanity can now be proudly displayed and used. 

Wooden furniture can be restored to it's original beauty in most cases.  Many customers elect to refurbish wooden furniture because of sentimental value.  The goal of restoration is to preserve and enhance furniture that has a value to the user.  Although not all pieces that are restored are antiques, their inherent value is in the heart of the owner.  Whether furniture is inherited or purchased, the goal of furniture restoration is to create a beautiful and useable piece that can be treasured for years to come.