Church Pew Restoration And Church Interior Restoration Services

church pew refinishing

Some of life's most important events take place in a House of Worship.  As parishoners and congregants have a choice of Churches to attend, it's important to have your most holy environment reflective of the sanctitity of it's role.

Every day, and every week, week in, week out, the furniture in the Church takes a beating.  Standing or kneeling multiple times, scratches from zippers or buttons on clothing, unidentified junk leaking from purses or pockets, and even gum stuck under the pew tend to accumulate over time, leaving the environment less than attractive.

And let's face it... when the bride and her family and guests are looking critically at the wedding pictures,  you want to be sure that your church reflects the beauty of the event.

Keeping the Church pews, pulpit and church interior pristine and restored is less expensive than you think, especially if you are considering replacing furniture.

JCWoods offers Church Furniture Restorateion and Repair services including:

  • Repair broken or chipped wood
  • Refinish surfaces to glowing luster
  • Reupholster ripped cushions or seating
  • Remove water marks and rings from tables
  • Remove gum and stuck-on objects
  • Restore wooden benches and refinish wooden pews

Church pews and church furniture restoration can make your worn, tired church furniture look better than new - and far more reasonably than replacing.

Give us a call or fill in the form below for one of our Professional Restoration specialists to meet with you and give you an idea how we can transform your Church interior and furnishings into a place of beauty once again.

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JC Wood offers furniture repair and wood cabinet refinishing in the Chicago, Il area, including surround towns.  We are located in Addison, Il.