Elevator Panels And Elevator Interiors Restored

Elevator cab interiors are overlooked, but incredibly important to the perceptions your clients have when they enter your commercial property!

Elevator cab interiors can show signs of wear and tear.  Of course an elevator interior is one of the visible impressions that a visitor to your office or commercial property sees.  The condition of the elevator panels and the elevator cab is a clue to the maintenance of the property, and whether your elevator interiors are in good repair may actually be the difference in whether you win the tenant or not.

JC Wood offers complete renovation of the elevator panels and elevator cabElevator panels, elevator interiors interiors.  Whether the wood is damaged or scratched or even has graffiti, our professional and expert team will clean the surfaces and refinish the wood to better-than-new condition.

Even fabric panels can be repaired.  Fabric that is torn or discolored can be replaced.  Your elevator cab interior can be refurbished with updated colors and design to reflect a more contemporary feeling. 

And let's face it, when your tenants and clients feel safe in your elevator, they are more likely to want to do business with you than if the elevator cab is tired and torn.  

Worried about what your next client may see when the elevator door opens?  

Why risk losing that next important lease.  We offer  a no obligation evaluation of renovation for your elevator interior. 

Expires 3/31/16

Elevator Interiors