Exterior Work Maintenance

Exterior Door Refurbishing

One of the most beatuful and distinctive areas of the exterior of your home can be the entryway, especially if the doors are real wood. Wood doors can create a distinctive elegance that sets your home apart from others on your block.

Real wood doors are like the fine furniture you have in your home. They require special care to keep them beautiful, just like the care you give the furniture throughout your home.

J.C. Wood offers a unique 7 step process that enhances great looking, real wood entryways.

    1. We remove the old finish; we use a combination of safe chemicals and power tools to remove the old finish from the surface of your door.

    1. We progressively sand the surface to get that silky smooth surface.

    1. We make needed repairs to the surface to ensure a uniform look.

    1. We custom stain the doors to your color specifications.

    1. We apply sealer to lock out moisture and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

    1. We spray the door with an extra hard exterior grade "Clear Shield" finish with ultra U.V. protection. The finish has been developed especially for fine wood exterior surfaces and will enhance the beauty of yoru doors.

    1. The final part of the process is the maintenance of your newly finished doors; you should schedule a visit by our technicians between every 12 and 24 months. At that time we will do a light sanding and apply and additional finish coat to your doors. This process will allow you to enjoy your doors for many years, at a minimal maintenance cost.