Summer sun and rain can wreak havoc on wood furniture, even when it is designed to remain outdoors. To help your furniture last and keep it looking great, follow these simple tips.

1. Apply a Protective Coating Every Season

While most outdoor wood furniture is stained or painted, it is necessary to apply a protective coating every year to minimize sun damage. Clean your furniture thoroughly and touch up any faded areas with a matching paint or stain. There are many species of wood used in outdoor furniture and many require specialized materials. It is extremely important to make sure the right product for your furniture is used; always review the manufacturer's instructions before applying any product.

2. When It’s Not in Use, Cover It Up

When you aren't entertaining guests or enjoying the summer weather, put a light blocking, waterproof cover over your furniture. While it may seem inconvenient to put on the covers after every use, you’ll be glad your furniture is protected from the elements.

3. During the Winter, Put It in Storage

Nothing can be more devastating to wood furniture than frigid temperatures, ice and humidity. If water seeps into the pores of the wood and then freezes, it will expand, reducing the life of your furniture. When the weather turns to winter, bring your furniture inside or store it in an exterior shed to protect it from the harsh conditions.

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