The New Year brings the opportunity for a fresh start. Stay ahead of the curve when redesigning an interior space with these can’t miss styles.

Texture contrasts
Atmospheres that feel warm and relaxing are attracting more attention in 2016. Whether you’re redesigning a living room or office, warm, contrasting colors will give an illusion of space and comfort. Incorporating textures will create a sense of depth in any space, and will work with your colors to provide an atmosphere that anyone can be comfortable in.

Dramatic colors
While relaxation and comfort are high on the priority list for 2016, dramatic colors are still a crucial component. Using strong shades in hallways and transitional spaces will create a feeling of fluid movement between your rooms. These colors should be accented with wood stains and upholstery that complement your color choices to allow your furniture to stand out from the background, while not seeming large or overbearing.

Sustainable solutions
Going green is not a new idea, but it has been gaining greater momentum in the last few years. 2016 could be the breakout year of recycling, reusing, and renewing when it comes to interior design. Find new uses for old furniture pieces. By refinishing tables, desks, and chairs, you can create a unique look for your space. Create a shabby chic, contemporary look, or anything in between. Use your imagination and have fun. Create that one of kind look that will stand out from the pack of mass produced pieces. Refurbishing old chairs with new upholstery can give life to any furniture, and can be customized to match any style and taste.