Thinking of updating your dining room? Here are some ideas to consider to give that space a fresh new look.

Small Round Tables
Do you have a small dining or living area? No problem, you can still make the most out of that space! A round table is a smart choice for optimizing the amount of space you have. It can be formal enough for a holiday dinner, or the perfect cozy asset to a sitting area by placing one or two extra chairs around the room.

Rustic Furniture
Country styled rooms can be very fresh and inviting. Use a wooden farmhouse table and pair it with simple chairs to match. Using unadorned chairs with a long wooden table is the best choice to avoid making the space look overcrowded and assure the table is the focal point of the room.

Mix and Match
Not all of your furniture needs to match to make a room beautiful. Furniture pieces, such as chairs, can be different colors or different types of wood, as long as their style is similar. While the furniture can be different shades or colors, it should still follow a consistent color scheme to tie the room together. Mixing and matching furniture in this way, while still maintaining some consistency throughout, can make a room interesting and unique.

Antique Accents
Antique chairs and furnishings can give a room a sophisticated look. Traditional pieces, such as French styled armchairs, may be intimidating to try to pair with other furniture pieces. When you match them with a neutral room color scheme, however, it allows the antique pieces to become the main focus of the room.

Cozy Bookshelves
When thinking of furniture to add to your dining room, a table and chairs are probably your first thought. Make a dining room more personalized by adding a bookshelf to display treasured items. Bookshelves can give any room more character.

Modern Accessories
If you are interested in updating a room to lend more of a modern vibe, consider adding a photo ledge to a wall in the room. Display large glass frames with black and white photos or artwork on the ledge, and tie the modern aesthetic look together with contemporary chairs, fixtures and table.

JC Wood can help you achieve any of these style ideas with our quality furniture and fixture services. Bring in any wooden tables or chairs to be refurnished, restored or refinished, or allow us to reupholster any chair to bring life back to your furniture. We have a wide selection of wood stains and fabric selections to help create your dream dining room, so it is just as you imagined.