Do you have a small room? While small spaces can seem like a waste of square footage, creative planning can help give the illusion of space while revitalizing tiny areas. Follow these tips to make your small room more useful.

Make Your Furniture Multi-Purposed
In an ideal world, rooms would have a piece of furniture for every need, and a chair for every guest. But when working with small rooms, it is important to maximize space by minimizing furniture. Are you trying to put a full size coffee table into a tiny room? Try refinishing an old end table and using that instead. While it will still allow you a place to feature decorations, offer reading material, or put your drink, it will also save on square footage and its small size will create a feeling of openness.

Additionally, take that television off the entertainment center and hang it on the wall. Below it you can repurpose an antique desk to double as a space for your electronic accessories, or become a usable workstation when needed. By creating spaces that serve more than one purpose, you can cut down on the clutter and increase the usable size of a room.

Color Matters
Dark walls can make even the largest room seem small. By using bright colors, you can create the perception of space. Staining or reupholstering your furniture to contrast those bright colors will create an added feeling of depth, which will increase the illusion of a large room.

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