Navigating the daunting kitchen remodel

Remodeling a kitchen can be an overwhelming task filled with frequent second-guessing. One decision you won’t regret is choosing to refinish old cabinets instead of buying new ones. Here are 3 benefits of professional refinishing to consider during your planning.

1. Substantial Cost Savings

New cabinets are an expensive investment that will quickly eat into your remodeling budget. In addition to the cost of the new cabinets, you will also be on the hook for demolition and installation charges. To avoid the hassle and expense of installing new cabinets, consider having your old cabinets professionally refinished.

Older kitchen cabinets are usually well made and will exhibit minor exterior damage that can easily be repaired during refinishing. By professionally refinishing your old cabinets, you can save thousands of dollars that can be better spent elsewhere on your remodel.

2. Customization

Most new cabinets come in pre-determined styles and colors, and options are very limited and expensive. Ultimately, when you purchase new, you are at the mercy of the manufacturer and< designer as to what options and colors are available for your cabinets. With refinished cabinets, these limitations no longer exist. From choosing any stain color, to adding custom trimming or hardware, you are free to let your imagination run wild and can match the rest of your design in unique and interesting ways.

3. Fast Completion

As the saying goes, you don’t know what you had until it is gone. The same goes for losing access to your kitchen during a lengthy remodel. Looking for ways to reduce your remodel time should always be a consideration during the planning phase. Professional refinishing can take far less time than removing your old cabinets and installing new ones, and can usually be done on your schedule. Professional companies, such as JC Wood, can quickly refinish your cabinets without much hassle so you can be back in your kitchen in no time.

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