Wood and Fiberglass Entry Doors & Garage Doors

wooden door refinishing

A wooden entryway and front door can be one of the most beautiful and distinctive focal points of the exterior of your home. Doors, garage doors and entryways made of wood can create a distinctive elegance that makes your home unique.

Like fine furniture, doors made of wood require maintenance to keep their finish in the best condition, to protect them from the elements, and prevent warping. Special care at regularly scheduled intervals is required to keep your wooden entryways beautiful.

Wood Door Restoration can bring new life to your entryway  

JC Wood offers a 7-step maintenance process that maintains and enhances doors, garage doors and entryways made of wood.

  1. Old finish is removed from the wood using a combination of safe chemicals and power tools.
  2. Surface is progressively sanded to obtain a silky smooth effect.
  3. Any necessary repairs are made to the surface to ensure a consistent finish.
  4. Doors are custom stained to your color specifications.
  5. Sealer is applied to the wood to lock out moisture and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.
  6. Doors are sprayed with an extra hard exterior grade "Clear Shield" finish with ultra UV protection. The finish has been developed especially for fine wood exterior surfaces and will enhance the beauty of your doors.
  7. A visit by a JC Wood technician should be scheduled every 12 to 24 months. At that time the door, garage door or entryway will be lightly sanded and an additional coat of finish will be applied. This process will allow you to enjoy your doors for many years, at a minimum maintenance cost.