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Why finish wood?

You work hard building a quality cabinet. You want your millwork to look distinctive and unique. You also want it to be easy to care for and durable. The three basic reasons to finish wood are

  • Sanitation
  • Stabilization
  • Beautification

Wood surfaces have many tiny openings that can accumulate dirt, grime, and bacteria. Surface contact with hands, food and air pollution can all contribute to the problem. Finishing the wood seals the surface making it safe and easier to clean.

As wood dries it shrinks; and as it absorbs moisture it expands. Depending upon its size and thickness, wooden pieces absorb and release moisture inconsistently. This action can cause stress on the wood and the surrounding joints, causing splitting and warping damage. The better the finish the less moisture change there will be.

Finishing wood can make use of many different coatings; paint, stain, glaze, gold leaf, faux and many others. They are all intended to affect one of the following three components of every wood finish: color, texture, and sheen. JC Wood offers thousands of colors and finishes, both standard and custom, to meet all of your finishing needs.

Finishes Available at JC Wood

The three components of a finish are color, texture, and sheen. There are four types of finishes from a soft wax to a hard two-part finish.

Types of Finishes

Soft Finish


  • Wax
  • Shellac
  • Lacquer
  • Varnish
  • Two-part finish
High gloss
Semi gloss
Satin Flat
Open grain
Semi-closed grain
Closed grain

Aniline dye
Pigmented colors
White bond stains
Color matching


Top Ten Wood Finishing Problems

  1. The stain gives you a different color than the store sample.
  2. The stain color came out uneven and blotchy.
  3. The end grain became too dark.
  4. The second coat of stain doesn't darken the wood.
  5. The color changes when you apply the top coat.
  6. There are bubbles in the finish.
  7. There is dust in the finish.
  8. The surface has the texture of an orange peel.
  9. The sheen of the finish doesn't match the sample.
  10. The finish peels, runs, sags, or checks.

JC Wood is the one solution to all these finishing problems and more.