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Design Trends to Watch for In 2016

Posted by Jim Sutter


The New Year brings the opportunity for a fresh start. Stay ahead of the curve when redesigning an interior space with these can’t miss styles.

Texture contrasts
Atmospheres that feel warm and relaxing are attracting more attention in 2016. Whether you’re redesigning a living room or office, warm, contrasting colors will give an illusion of space and comfort. Incorporating textures will create a sense of depth in any space, and will work with your colors to provide an atmosphere that anyone can be comfortable in.

Dramatic colors
While relaxation and comfort are high on the priority list for 2016, dramatic colors are still a crucial component. Using strong shades in hallways and transitional spaces will create a feeling of fluid movement between your rooms. These colors should be accented with wood stains and upholstery that complement your color choices to allow your furniture to stand out from the background, while not seeming large or overbearing.

Sustainable solutions
Going green is not a new idea, but it has been gaining greater momentum in the last few years. 2016 could be the breakout year of recycling, reusing, and renewing when it comes to interior design. Find new uses for old furniture pieces. By refinishing tables, desks, and chairs, you can create a unique look for your space. Create a shabby chic, contemporary look, or anything in between. Use your imagination and have fun. Create that one of kind look that will stand out from the pack of mass produced pieces. Refurbishing old chairs with new upholstery can give life to any furniture, and can be customized to match any style and taste.

Project of the Month

Posted by Jim Sutter


Chris, Addison

Eastlake Victorian patent platform rockers date back to the late 1800s. Charles Lock Eastlake was an architect who wanted to create a rocker with a simple design, that was good quality and reasonably priced. Platform rockers were popular in Victorian parlors, because they caused less wear on expensive wool carpets than traditional rocking chairs.

Our customer wanted this platform rocker refinished and reupholstered to uncover its original beauty. We started by removing all fabric and foam, leaving only the wooden frame. The wood frame was hand stripped and sanded, bringing it down to its natural state. It was then stained to match to the original color as closely as possible, then sealed with a high quality furniture finish.

We work with our customers to select the perfect fabric or leather for the upholstery. We can send samples directly to your home or you can come into our shop and view samples from over 200 sample books. Once the fabric is received, the upholstery work begins. The springs, webbing, and foam are reinstalled, unless replacement is required.

For this rocker, patterns were developed for each section of the piece. After the leather was installed, we finished it with antique brass tacks to complete the transformation.

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Make the Most Out of Small Spaces

Posted by Jim Sutter


Do you have a small room? While small spaces can seem like a waste of square footage, creative planning can help give the illusion of space while revitalizing tiny areas. Follow these tips to make your small room more useful.

Make Your Furniture Multi-Purposed
In an ideal world, rooms would have a piece of furniture for every need, and a chair for every guest. But when working with small rooms, it is important to maximize space by minimizing furniture. Are you trying to put a full size coffee table into a tiny room? Try refinishing an old end table and using that instead. While it will still allow you a place to feature decorations, offer reading material, or put your drink, it will also save on square footage and its small size will create a feeling of openness.

Additionally, take that television off the entertainment center and hang it on the wall. Below it you can repurpose an antique desk to double as a space for your electronic accessories, or become a usable workstation when needed. By creating spaces that serve more than one purpose, you can cut down on the clutter and increase the usable size of a room.

Color Matters
Dark walls can make even the largest room seem small. By using bright colors, you can create the perception of space. Staining or reupholstering your furniture to contrast those bright colors will create an added feeling of depth, which will increase the illusion of a large room.

Have some furniture that needs to be stained or reupholstered? Call JC Wood today at 630-628-6161 or email us at info@jcwood.com.

Project of the Month

Posted by Jim Sutter

Kitchen transformation
JC Wood was recently asked to help transform a kitchen in Chicago to give it a more modern look. Once we received approval from our customer on the perfect color selection for the cabinets, we were able to lightly sand the existing stain, and finish to JC Wood Stock White. The results are beautiful, and the kitchen is transformed!

Want to update your kitchen?
If you need your cabinets refinished to a stained or solid color, JC Wood will take care of everything. First, we will create a custom sample for approval right on your existing cabinet door. Once it is approved, we will schedule our technician to pick up the doors and drawer fronts to be finished in our shop. They will be returned on-site in approximately 2 weeks. We will mask your kitchen, finish the face frames and reinstall your door and drawer fronts, leaving you with stunning results.

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Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Posted by Jim Sutter


Thinking of updating your dining room? Here are some ideas to consider to give that space a fresh new look.

Small Round Tables
Do you have a small dining or living area? No problem, you can still make the most out of that space! A round table is a smart choice for optimizing the amount of space you have. It can be formal enough for a holiday dinner, or the perfect cozy asset to a sitting area by placing one or two extra chairs around the room.

Rustic Furniture
Country styled rooms can be very fresh and inviting. Use a wooden farmhouse table and pair it with simple chairs to match. Using unadorned chairs with a long wooden table is the best choice to avoid making the space look overcrowded and assure the table is the focal point of the room.

Mix and Match
Not all of your furniture needs to match to make a room beautiful. Furniture pieces, such as chairs, can be different colors or different types of wood, as long as their style is similar. While the furniture can be different shades or colors, it should still follow a consistent color scheme to tie the room together. Mixing and matching furniture in this way, while still maintaining some consistency throughout, can make a room interesting and unique.

Antique Accents
Antique chairs and furnishings can give a room a sophisticated look. Traditional pieces, such as French styled armchairs, may be intimidating to try to pair with other furniture pieces. When you match them with a neutral room color scheme, however, it allows the antique pieces to become the main focus of the room.

Cozy Bookshelves
When thinking of furniture to add to your dining room, a table and chairs are probably your first thought. Make a dining room more personalized by adding a bookshelf to display treasured items. Bookshelves can give any room more character.

Modern Accessories
If you are interested in updating a room to lend more of a modern vibe, consider adding a photo ledge to a wall in the room. Display large glass frames with black and white photos or artwork on the ledge, and tie the modern aesthetic look together with contemporary chairs, fixtures and table.

JC Wood can help you achieve any of these style ideas with our quality furniture and fixture services. Bring in any wooden tables or chairs to be refurnished, restored or refinished, or allow us to reupholster any chair to bring life back to your furniture. We have a wide selection of wood stains and fabric selections to help create your dream dining room, so it is just as you imagined.

Project of the Month

Posted by Jim Sutter

blog-brunswickAntique mahogany Brunswick pool table restoration
JC Wood is always eager to take on new and challenging projects, so when we were contacted to restore a 120 year old antique mahogany pool table, we jumped at the opportunity. The pool table was manufactured in 1890 by Brunswick Billiards, one of the largest pool table manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1840 by John Moses Brunswick, the company is recognized globally for its wide selection of exceptionally well made and sophisticated pool tables.

What we are doing
JC Wood appreciates the rich history and quality of the antique pool table, and we’ve been working hard to restore it to its original condition. So far, our prep team has been fabricating approximately 30 pieces of missing trim with twelve different profiles for the antique pool table. After the trim pieces have been created, they will be attached to the frame. Once in place, all loose and missing veneer will be restored. JC Wood also created a custom color sample that met the standards of the customer for the finish on the pool table.

Check back soon to see the completed project!

Avoid Humidity Damage to Your Doors

Posted by Jim Sutter

blog-humiddoors-051115Temperature and humidity can have a devastating effect on the doors on your home. When the weather changes, your door can expand and contract, causing additional wear on the door and frame. Door swelling in particular can create issues and costly problems. So how do you keep your doors looking great after every season?

Strong Finish
The finish on your door is an important factor in how it will handle the most severe weather fluctuations. JC Wood carries a wide selection of weather protection finishes for your exterior doors. If you choose to paint an exterior door, make sure the paint you choose is rated for the outdoors. For interior doors, any sealing paint or finish will be fine, but keep in mind that the best way to avoid swelling is to seal your door to prevent moisture from building up in the first place.

Proper Maintenance
Conduct a full inspection of your doors once a year to ensure they are properly protected. Look for cracks in the paint or stain, or any swelling or cracking in the door itself. If an area of your door appears to be weathered, sand the problem area. If there is structural damage to your door, consider replacing it or having a professional repair it.

After you have inspected the door and made any required repairs, determine if the harsh weather has impacted the look and appeal of your door. JC Wood offers a range of solutions to have your door looking great again. Whether you are refinishing after minor repairs, or staining a replacement door, JC Wood has the right tools for the job.

Nature is full of vibrant colors

Posted by Jim Sutter

No man can recreate the raw beauty of nature, but you might be surprised at the transformation JC Wood can produce

Whether the project is staining wood furniture or reupholstering a favorite chair, you can trust us to find the perfect color, every time. JC Wood appreciates the raw beauty found in nature, especially the infinite hues of colors. We use these amazing colors as our inspiration to deliver high quality work and to satisfy our customers.

If you need us to match the existing finish on your wood furniture, or you want a new one to complement other furniture and décor in a room, we have an extremely wide variety of stains to choose from that will exceed your expectations. If you would like suggestions on which color is perfect for your next project, we are more than happy to help.

Not only do we have a wide selection of stains, but you can also choose from over 10,000 color and texture options in quality upholstery fabrics. Search through the samples online or ask us to help you find the perfect fabric for your next project.

To bring some of nature’s beautiful colors into your home, give JC Wood a call.

Reception: Create a Lasting First Impression

Posted by Jim Sutter


Your reception area is the unsung hero of your office space. A good reception area will go unnoticed, melting into the background, while your visitors enjoy their comfort with ease. A poorly designed and maintained reception area will leave a lasting negative impression that your customers will never forget. To have and keep a good reception, consider the following tip.

Proper Upkeep and Maintenance Giant waterfalls and a smoothie bar may sound great, but sacrificing functionality for design is a common mistake made in poor lobby design. While a memorable eye catcher may seem like a simple way to make a good first impression, the most important feature is practicality. Easy to clean furniture, weather appropriate flooring, and a free flow layout will go much further than an expensive attention getter.

The point is: don’t over do it. Lobby maintenance is the most important aspect of leaving a good first impression on your guests, and JC Wood has the expertise to help you do just that. From furniture and upholstery restoration, to wood refinishing, JC Wood will keep your lobby looking new and elegant.

Keep Your Dining Room Furniture Looking New

Posted by Jim Sutter

blog-diningrom-050715Your dining room is host to many events, including birthday parties, holidays, and special dinners. Make a great first impression with your guests and have a dining room that you can be proud of for years to comeby following these recommendations.

Dining Room Table The dining table is the centerpiece of the room, and also takes the most abuse. Inspect your dining room table frequently to locate any scratches, cracks, or stains in the finish. If your dining room table has seenbetter days, don’t just throw it away and buy a new one. Quality furniture is built to last, and all it mayneed is some attention. JC Wood offers full restoration services for wood tables, and can have your diningroom table looking new in no time. Refinishing is costeffective, and will save you the hassle and expense of finding a replacement table. With stain matching, you can match the table to other furniture in the room to get the look you want at a lower cost than buying new.

Chairs Sitting for hours at the dining room table is a sure sign that your dinner was a success. But all of that time adds up to wear and tear on your dining room chairs which can affect how they look or feel. Check your chairs regularly to make sure that there are no scratches or scrapes in the wood, and look for any rips or stretching of the upholstery. If your chairs are in need of repair, don’t stress. JC Wood has you covered and carries over 10,000 options for new upholstery. They can also match the finish on your chairs to the dining room table, saving you the need to buy an entirely new dining room set. For over 20 years JC Wood has specialized in wood refinishing and furniture repair, and will have your chairs ready in time for your next event.

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