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Posted by Jim Sutter

blog-brunswickAntique mahogany Brunswick pool table restoration
JC Wood is always eager to take on new and challenging projects, so when we were contacted to restore a 120 year old antique mahogany pool table, we jumped at the opportunity. The pool table was manufactured in 1890 by Brunswick Billiards, one of the largest pool table manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1840 by John Moses Brunswick, the company is recognized globally for its wide selection of exceptionally well made and sophisticated pool tables.

What we are doing
JC Wood appreciates the rich history and quality of the antique pool table, and we’ve been working hard to restore it to its original condition. So far, our prep team has been fabricating approximately 30 pieces of missing trim with twelve different profiles for the antique pool table. After the trim pieces have been created, they will be attached to the frame. Once in place, all loose and missing veneer will be restored. JC Wood also created a custom color sample that met the standards of the customer for the finish on the pool table.

Check back soon to see the completed project!

Avoid Humidity Damage to Your Doors

Posted by Jim Sutter

blog-humiddoors-051115Temperature and humidity can have a devastating effect on the doors on your home. When the weather changes, your door can expand and contract, causing additional wear on the door and frame. Door swelling in particular can create issues and costly problems. So how do you keep your doors looking great after every season?

Strong Finish
The finish on your door is an important factor in how it will handle the most severe weather fluctuations. JC Wood carries a wide selection of weather protection finishes for your exterior doors. If you choose to paint an exterior door, make sure the paint you choose is rated for the outdoors. For interior doors, any sealing paint or finish will be fine, but keep in mind that the best way to avoid swelling is to seal your door to prevent moisture from building up in the first place.

Proper Maintenance
Conduct a full inspection of your doors once a year to ensure they are properly protected. Look for cracks in the paint or stain, or any swelling or cracking in the door itself. If an area of your door appears to be weathered, sand the problem area. If there is structural damage to your door, consider replacing it or having a professional repair it.

After you have inspected the door and made any required repairs, determine if the harsh weather has impacted the look and appeal of your door. JC Wood offers a range of solutions to have your door looking great again. Whether you are refinishing after minor repairs, or staining a replacement door, JC Wood has the right tools for the job.

Nature is full of vibrant colors

Posted by Jim Sutter

No man can recreate the raw beauty of nature, but you might be surprised at the transformation JC Wood can produce

Whether the project is staining wood furniture or reupholstering a favorite chair, you can trust us to find the perfect color, every time. JC Wood appreciates the raw beauty found in nature, especially the infinite hues of colors. We use these amazing colors as our inspiration to deliver high quality work and to satisfy our customers.

If you need us to match the existing finish on your wood furniture, or you want a new one to complement other furniture and décor in a room, we have an extremely wide variety of stains to choose from that will exceed your expectations. If you would like suggestions on which color is perfect for your next project, we are more than happy to help.

Not only do we have a wide selection of stains, but you can also choose from over 10,000 color and texture options in quality upholstery fabrics. Search through the samples online or ask us to help you find the perfect fabric for your next project.

To bring some of nature’s beautiful colors into your home, give JC Wood a call.

Reception: Create a Lasting First Impression

Posted by Jim Sutter


Your reception area is the unsung hero of your office space. A good reception area will go unnoticed, melting into the background, while your visitors enjoy their comfort with ease. A poorly designed and maintained reception area will leave a lasting negative impression that your customers will never forget. To have and keep a good reception, consider the following tip.

Proper Upkeep and Maintenance Giant waterfalls and a smoothie bar may sound great, but sacrificing functionality for design is a common mistake made in poor lobby design. While a memorable eye catcher may seem like a simple way to make a good first impression, the most important feature is practicality. Easy to clean furniture, weather appropriate flooring, and a free flow layout will go much further than an expensive attention getter.

The point is: don’t over do it. Lobby maintenance is the most important aspect of leaving a good first impression on your guests, and JC Wood has the expertise to help you do just that. From furniture and upholstery restoration, to wood refinishing, JC Wood will keep your lobby looking new and elegant.

Keep Your Dining Room Furniture Looking New

Posted by Jim Sutter

blog-diningrom-050715Your dining room is host to many events, including birthday parties, holidays, and special dinners. Make a great first impression with your guests and have a dining room that you can be proud of for years to comeby following these recommendations.

Dining Room Table The dining table is the centerpiece of the room, and also takes the most abuse. Inspect your dining room table frequently to locate any scratches, cracks, or stains in the finish. If your dining room table has seenbetter days, don’t just throw it away and buy a new one. Quality furniture is built to last, and all it mayneed is some attention. JC Wood offers full restoration services for wood tables, and can have your diningroom table looking new in no time. Refinishing is costeffective, and will save you the hassle and expense of finding a replacement table. With stain matching, you can match the table to other furniture in the room to get the look you want at a lower cost than buying new.

Chairs Sitting for hours at the dining room table is a sure sign that your dinner was a success. But all of that time adds up to wear and tear on your dining room chairs which can affect how they look or feel. Check your chairs regularly to make sure that there are no scratches or scrapes in the wood, and look for any rips or stretching of the upholstery. If your chairs are in need of repair, don’t stress. JC Wood has you covered and carries over 10,000 options for new upholstery. They can also match the finish on your chairs to the dining room table, saving you the need to buy an entirely new dining room set. For over 20 years JC Wood has specialized in wood refinishing and furniture repair, and will have your chairs ready in time for your next event.

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Train Your Cat to Respect the Furniture

Posted by Jim Sutter

Just because pets are a part of your family doesn’t mean that you need to let them get away with scratching the furniture. Follow these guidelines to keep your cats happy, and your furniture scratch free.

Give Your Cat Options
Your cat may only dine on imported salmon from the West coast, but this pickiness does not extend to stretching their nails. If your furniture is the only area suitable for scratching, then your cat is more likely to leave its mark. Providing alternatives is the key to getting them to kick the habit.

Size is an important consideration when choosing the perfect scratching post. Cats prefer to stretch out when the scratch, so a tiny pole half the size of your feline friend won’t curb bad scratching etiquette. Pick something that is large enough for them to climb up onto their hind legs when they scratch. Or, if you don’t want an oversized carpeted post in your living room, try a cardboard scratching box found at any pet store. These scratch boxes are generally sold with catnip, which has the added benefit of getting your cat interested in the new scratching box immediately.

Location, Location, Location
As tempting as it is to store the scratcher in an out of the way place, your cat will not appreciate it. Since your cat is an exhibitionist, it does him no good if his hard work is hidden away in a closet somewhere. Put your scratching post in high traffic areas where your cat likes to hang out. At first, you may want to put it near the furniture that you are trying to spare, and then move it away as your cat acclimates to it. Additionally, it is in your best interest to give your cat more than one scratching option. Woe is the cat that has to walk into another room to relieve their scratch, so if you can, put an option in every room your cat spends time. Then the next time your cat is looking for something to claw at, the answer will be right in front of them!

If you already have pet damage, call JC Wood at 630-628-6161 for an estimate to repair your furniture!

Design Trends to Watch in 2015

Posted by Jody Raines

It’s important to know what styles are popular, so your new design project isn’t dated before it even begins. Keep in mind the following design trends as you plan projects for your home or office this year.

Color of the Year—Marsala
Every year Pantone announces the color of the year. For 2015, be on the look out for Marsala, which is described as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red.” While some view this distinction as arbitrary, the chosen color usually has staying power and is worth a look. Past colors include radiant orchid, emerald and tangerine tango. Marsala is a great color for reupholstering or to add a pop of color to your kitchen.

Black Is Always in Style
Whether you’re looking to complement Marsala or another signature color, black is a stylish choice. When it’s painted on wood or the color choice for fabrics, black furniture hides dirt and wear and offers flexibility for future design changes.

Balance Modern and Traditional
Clean contours are always popular, but this year the trend is to pair modern styling with traditional looks such as stained wood and warm colors. Well defined lines and crisp angles are perfect for kitchen cabinets, tables or chairs. If you’re reupholstering furniture, tight, single color fabric offers a modern look with added comfort.

Textures You Want to Touch
Just as in past years, textures are a popular way to bring complexity and distinction to a room. As more of our lives are spent touching smooth phones and tablets, the uneven feeling of wood stands out. Soft fabrics and textured tiles are two more ways to incorporate texture into a room.

Go Green
Recycling furniture isn’t just for the cost conscious anymore. Upcycling or bringing new improvements to an old item is a popular way to balance a new look with a sense of history. Whether it’s a family heirloom or an item you found at a garage sale, the right care and refinishing can give it new life.

JC Wood has the experience repairing and refinishing furniture to freshen up any room in your house. Call us today to see how we can help you set next year’s fashion trend.

Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric Type

Posted by Jim Sutter

Choosing the right upholstery fabric can be daunting. There are natural, man-made, and blend fabrics to consider before even thinking about the pattern and colors.

Here are some explanations to common fabric terminology so you can make the best choice for your furniture.

Fabric Grades
It’s important to note that fabric grades relate to pricing, not quality. Fabrics rated A or 1 are the least expensive, and H or 7 are the most expensive. Pricing is usually determined by the type of material, weave and design.

Rub Tests
A rub test usually references the popular abrasion test conducted by the Wyzenbeek machine. These machines evaluate fabric strength by testing how many back and forth rubs the material can withstand before tearing. 15,000 double rubs is considered average while 30,000 is suitable for commercial use.

Cleaning Labels
In order to find the proper way to care for a fabric, look for its cleaning label. Unlike clothing labels that clearly spell out directions, upholstery fabric can be difficult to decipher.
          W — Use only water based cleaners
          S — Use water based dry cleaning solvents
          WS — Either can be used
          X — Only vacuum or lightly brush

Fabric Types

When deciding what fabric to choose, it is important to consider how the furniture will be used. Is it an item that will receive daily use, or is it mostly for decoration? JC Wood has compiled a list of fabrics we carry, along with their attributes and best uses to help you choose the best product for any job.

Cotton is one of the strongest natural fibers available. Its durability and ease of cleaning makes it perfect for furniture that will receive frequent use. However, you’ll want to take the room’s conditions into consideration since cotton is susceptible to yellowing in direct sunlight and can harbor mildew in damp environments.

Cotton holds dye well, so there is a wide variety of colors and patterns available. It is also a comfortable, breathable fabric, and presents a casual look.

Wool is a unique choice for upholstery projects due to its combination of warmth in the winter and breathability in the summer. Wool is resistant to pilling, fading, wrinkling and dirt, and is offered as a blended option with synthetic fiber for easier cleaning.

This premium material gives a sharp, crisp look to furniture, and it ages beautifully. It is easy to clean but is not as durable as cotton or wool, and it’s susceptible to scrapes and tears.

Leather conditioner should be used to maintain a clean, fresh appearance while dry cleaning solvents can remove build up of natural and body oils. While leather furniture can be stunning, it’s best to keep these pieces away from high traffic areas.

Polyester blends are a great choice for upholstering furniture that needs to stand up to the wear and tear of children and pets. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, poly-blends are fade and stain resistant.

Poly-blends come in a wide variety of combinations and can mimic other materials such as silk and wool. Materials can include acetate, acrylic, nylon, rayon and more.

Quality fabrics for your furniture
JC Wood has chosen Greenhouse Fabrics as a source for quality upholstery fabrics. They carry over 10,000 options to coordinate with any décor and environment. Search through samples online or ask us to help you find the perfect fabric for your next project.

Visit Greenhouse Fabrics

What is your favorite piece of furniture’s upholstery fabric? Would you recommend it to others?

Tips for Adding Color to Your Kitchen

Posted by Jim Sutter

adding color to your kitchen

The heart of most homes is the kitchen. It’s often the hub of family activity and should be designed as a spot that’s attractive, where people want to gather. Below are some ideas for adding a splash of color to your kitchen to help make it inviting to all.

Now more than ever, designers are looking at the kitchen cabinet finish as a way to transform bland rooms into dynamic spaces. Refinishing your cabinets is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the room’s design, and it’s much less expensive than buying new ones.

Deep blues and reds can make a strong statement, while light greens and blues are reminiscent of farmhouse kitchens. Yellows are also a popular way of brightening the room and keeping a clean feeling with a lot of vibrancy.

After you’ve decided on a cabinet finish, it’s time to examine your countertops. While most materials fall in the range of neutral colors, it’s important to find a match to your new colorful look.

When choosing a natural surface, such as granite and marble, carefully examine the surface for streaks of color. These natural marks should match or complement your kitchen’s overall color scheme.

Manmade materials, such as Laminate, Corian® and Zodiaq®, offer more variety and give you the freedom to select from a wider range of options to complete your room.

The last piece in bringing your new kitchen look together is the furniture. Chairs and tables can be a great way to balance out bright colors. Instead of buying all new items, consider refinishing the ones you already have for a cost effective way to update your kitchen. With a wide variety of colors and finishes available, you’ll be able to match whatever colors you’ve selected.

How do you incorporate colors into your kitchen?

Create a Pinterest Idea Board to Share Your Vision

Posted by Jim Sutter

describe the image

Pinterest is a great way to gather and organize images for upcoming projects. In addition to being a fun way to browse the internet, Pinterest lets you develop a board to express your design preferences. Pin the photos you like to your board, and JC Wood will review them when it’s time to offer suggestions for your projects.

Follow our directions to build a board and then share it with us.

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